All coaches please contact the GELC office at 780-466-0981 or email to pre register into the course of your choice. If you are a new coach you will need a code to enter the online coaching program.

You must have this code to complete the preclinic assessment for the appropriate course and to register. Your club will be billed for all codes provided to coaches. Once you receive the code you must complete the preclinic assessment and once it is successfully completed you then must register into the appropriate course date.

Note:  you do not need a code if you have registered previously on the website. But you will still need to preregister with the GELC office to be assured a spot in the course you wish to take. 

Please inform your club your interested and wish to attend the coaching course. 

You need to insure you have the appropriate training before advancing to the next level.

 GELC member clubs coaches will not be required to pay for their clinic their clubs will be invoiced. Should you not show up your club will be invoiced a $25.00 no show fee. They may require you to pay that no show fee.  

The link to the online course is as follows:


2017 Clinic Dates  


New mini tyke and tyke coaches

April 30 

 202-303-69 Avenue, Classroom portion 9 am registration 8:45 am

Lunch provided

Floor sessions at Michael Cameron Arena 10404-56 street 1:30 pm to 4 pm 

Instructor Stew Begg

Community Box Development

Tyke , Novice, Pee Wee Coaches



 March 28 and March 30

202-303-69 Avenue, Classroom portion 6 pm  registration 5:30 pm  dinner and registration 

Dinner  provided on March 28th only 

Floor sessions at Michael Cameron on March 30th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm   10404-56 street

 Instructor Stacey Dzwienko

Community Box Development 

Tyke  Novice, Pee Wee Coaches


 May 6th


 Classroom portion 9 am registration 8:45 am

Beaumont Ken Nichol Recreation Center Meeting Room

Lunch provided

 Floor sessions at Ken NIchol Recreation Center  1:30 to 4 pm 

 Instructor : Peter Ziobro

Community Box Development

Tyke thru Pee Wee coaches


 April 22,2016

Morning at 202-303 69 Avenue, Classroom portion starts at 9:00 am with  door open at 8:45 am. Lunch will be provided

Floor portion 1:30 pm to 4 pm Michael Cameron Arena 10404-56 Street 

Instructor Stew Begg

 Community Box Development

 May 28th Final course for the Year 

 202-303-69 Avenue, Classroom portion 9 am registration 8:45 am

Lunch provided

 Floor sessions a Michael Cameron 10404-56 Street 

 Instructor : Peter Ziobro

Competitive Introduction

Bantam and Midget ,Junior coaches

must have completed Community Box Development

 April 8 and 9th 


202-303-69 Avenue, Classroom portion 9 am registration 8:45am April 8th classroom only 

Lunch provided

Floor portion April 9  10 am to 2 pm at Michael Cameron 

Instructor Stacey Dzwienko

Competitive Introduction

 May 13,14 

 202-303 69 Avenue Classroom portion 9 am registration 8:45 pm. May 13th

 Floor on May 14th  at Michael Cameron 10 am to 2 pm 

Instructor Peter Ziobro


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