The board of Directors in 2010 created an award program for the Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council Board and members.

The first Award that was established was the Presidents Award. The Award winner becomes a lifetime member of the Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council and is awarded as to the criteria set out below

President Award- Lifetime membership

The President Award may be  presented yearly to someone who meets the following criteria.

1.      Outstanding service to the sport of lacrosse and the GELC.

2.      Member of the Board of Directors of the GELC.

3.      Members who may be considered are club presidents, or club representatives on committees, Board committee chairs’, and or Board executive members.

 These people will be considered lifetime members of the Greater Edmonton Lacrosse Council.

Written nominations must be submitted to the GELC Executive board via the GELC office by the 1 of November yearly.  The award is to be presented at the GELC December social.


Award Winner  Year of Award 
Lori Zdrill, Wizards, GELC Executive  2010
Greg Lintz,Warriors GELC Board Member 2011
Darlene Anders,Wizards, GELC Executive 2012
Daryl Hill,Leduc Crush 2013
Christopher Redford,Razorbacks, Wizards 2014
Tina Burkholder,Titans 2015
Denise Niedzielski,Titans  

 In 2011 the Board established additional awards for coaching,club presidents and officials within our Association and the ALRA. The criteria is set out below, for these awards. 

Coaching Award

The coaching Award may be presented annually to a coach, or assistant coach from one of the member clubs of the GELC.

1.      Required to have the minimum coaching requirements for the level that he currently is coaching at.

2.      Sets an example of positive leadership, and development of teams and individuals.

3.      May come from either discipline box or field.

4.      Shall have been a member of the coaching ranks of the GELC for more than one season.

5.      Nomination must have an endorsement from a member of the coaches club.


Award Winner Year of Award
Harry Anders,Wizards  2011
Marc Bourret, Warriors  2012
Rob Fiest, Crush 2013
Buck Mar, St. Albert Rams 2014
Cheryl Govenlock, Titans 2015
 Martin Gautier, Rams  2016


Officials Award

The officials Award may be presented annually to an official or member of the Alberta Lacrosse Referees Association.

1.      Be a current member of the ALRA and worked on behalf of the membership of the GELC in the current season.

2.      Be a past member of the ALRA who should be duly recognized for his/her past efforts on behalf of the sport of Lacrosse in the GELC.

3.      Nomination comes with an endorsement from more than one individual.

4.      Game management skills, interpersonal skills with the coaches, and players are important criteria.


Award Winner Year of Award
Lee Carlyle 2011
Brad Dahrouge 2012
Adam Crowe 2013
Lawrence Zdrill 2014
Sean Reid 2015
Isaiah Raju 2016


Club President

The club President Award may be presented annually to a current president, or past president of a GELC member club.

1.      Provided direction to their membership.

2.      Attended GELC board of director meetings as the Club Board member, bringing club information and channeling GELC information back to their club.

3.      Make extra contributions to the functioning of the GELC and its committees.

4.      Have their nomination endorsed by a member of the club’s board of directors.

Award Winner Year of Award
Liz Roberts, Westlock Rock 2011
Jim Andrews, North Edmonton Wizards 2012
Robert Miller, Sherwood Park Titans 2013
Doug Bell, Leduc Crush 2014
Ron Simpson,Kyle Dube, St. Albert Rams 2015
 Norm Maxwell, Wizards  2016

Written nominations must be submitted to the GELC Executive board via the GELC office by the 1st of November yearly.  The award is to be presented at the GELC December social.


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