Playoff Score Reporting

Please ensure you have uploaded the game sheet to the website immediately following your game as during playoffs placement to the next game may occur in short turn arounds. As well text your game results to 780-908-6539 with the game number and the score to ensure posting and updating of results can occur in a timely fashion, as well in your text indicate that you have uploaded the game sheet. 

 Issues During Playoffs 

Please call Donna or text, 780-908-6539 please make sure you identify yourself in your text and there is no message on the phone please call back.


Coaches, managers it is important to check the discipline chart if you have players receiving 5 minute majors in a game or a game misconduct if your not sure before you play the next game (playing a suspended player will result in forfeiture), call your club discipline chair or the GELC office.

Starting on Time

During playoffs it is important to have your game start on time please be ready. Have your game sheet ready prior to start time, make sure all coaches sign in and are recorded on the gamesheet. Have your players dressed and ready to go.


It is important that as a coach or manager you have recorded affiliations correctly on your game sheet using them properly, any miss use will result in the coaches suspension.



Tie breakers and uneven number of teams are handled in the following manner




8.01 The GELC champions in each Division shall be the winner of the Provincial 

Qualifying/GELC Championship Tournament. 


8.01.1 In the event of a tie, final standing shall be determined by:  

  •  First: Team with the greater number of wins finishes ahead; 
  • Secondly: Team record against each other; 
  • Thirdly: Goals for and against between the tied teams. Team 
  • with the highest ratio finished ahead; 
  • Fourthly: Goals for and against ratio between each other plus 
  • common opponents. Team with the highest ratio 
  • finishes ahead; 
  • Fifthly: Team with the lowest penalty minutes finishes ahead. 


8.01.2 In the event that a division has an uneven number of games players in it in it, the standing 

shall be ascertained by a formula as follows: 

Points divided by

 Total points available 



If you believe that there is a possibility of your team finishing first  your division and will be advancing to provincials you will need to confirm your players attendance  be prepared by June 29th, start asking the questions now. 

Remember if you finish in first spot we cannot give your spot to another team if your team cannot attend. 

Make sure your coaching credentials are in order. 




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