Overtime for playoffs will be handled as follows:

For all preliminary games leading up to the Final and if neccessary games

  • First a two minute break will occur.
  • Teams will stay on the same side of the floor.
  • A 5 minute sudden death period will occur.
  • If after the 5 minute sudden death period there is still a tie, a shot out will occur.
  • Visiting team will shoot first then the home team with all runners participating until such time as a team scores one more goal than its opposition on equal shots on goal. 


For final and if games (last two games only)

  • A two minute break will occur.
  • Teams will stay on the same side of the floor.
  • A Regulation period will start, either 15 minutes, or 20 minutes as per division of play
  • Sudden death will occur the first goals cored wins the game.
  • Stop Time will be usedin all divisions who use stop time regularly in their season. 
  • If at the end of the overtime period the game is still tied, the game will result in a shoot out.
  • All runners to participate;visitor shooting then home shooting until a goal is scored on equal shots on goal.

This rule was changed by the GELC executive on June 11th, 2015. 




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