May. 27, 2019

To All Coaches, Players and Parents
There has been a huge number of Gross misconducts called in the GELC arenas this season. It started the first week of the season and is continuing.

We need coaches to check their behaviors, if they are assistant coaches they are to be seen on the bench and not heard by the officials during the game, comments when necessary should go thru a team captain or head coach to the officials only.

Fan Spector Liaisons are required to be visible in the stands and to assist with curbing fan behavior before the officials become involved.

Please remind your players that chirping on the floor using profanity will result in a gross misconduct being assessed to the player that an official hears it coming from, it is often the player who is retaliating to the comments not the original chirper.

Fans ejected from games face at minimum a one game suspension from the next team game, recorded on the game sheet.

Coaches ejected receive a one game suspension, if they are ejected a second time 3 game suspension and escalates from there.

Players and coaches receiving a gross misconduct are not allowed in arenas, for games or practices until such time as they appear before the discipline committee. They cannot attend tournaments while under suspension or prior to their hearing as well.

The GELC discipline committee meets every two weeks and if something occurs the night of a discipline committee meeting that person is waiting two weeks for the hearing.

The discipline committee would appreciate everyone's attention to this matter so that we can finish the season on a more positive note.

Ron Simpson, GELC Discipline Chair


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