GELC Regulation 1 Registration 



1.01                Except as hereinafter provided, no player shall be registered as a member of, or compete for, a team in any GELC match who has not been a bona fide resident of that team’s Association as                          established by the GELC since April 1st of the current playing season(see Regulation 1.1 -Registration Residency Requirements).

 1.02                If there is no team in the player’s division in the Association in which the player resides, or if the player does not reside within any Associations boundaries, players must play in the                                      Association which is nearest by ordinary travel, which has a team registered in his/her Division.  A player may not establish residency for the principal purpose of playing or practicing                                    Lacrosse.

        Note:      The Boundaries of the GELC Associations are found in Regulation 16 -Boundaries Description

 1.04                  If a player wishes to play on a team outside of his or her Association, all such requests must be submitted in writing to the GELC for approval via the home Association President. The child                            must be properly registered as per regulation 1.08 and for the Association must be made aware of such requests. The decision of the board will be final and binding.

 1.04.01           If an association does not have an A team, players from that association may be sent to try out in the designated try out zone for that Association designated zone.       

                       Zones for A division play are as follows:






                             Any disagreement or exceptions will be resolved by the Board of Directors of the GELC. All decisions will be final and not eligible for appeal.

                             If cut by the A team in their zone the player reverts back to the home club for placement.

                             A evaluations must be concluded by the third (3rd) Sunday of March yearly.

                             Remaining evaluations must be completed by the first Sunday in April.

                             Any Association within a zone may host an A team as long as they have a lower division team.

                             The zones mentioned above are for the purposes of “A” ball and have no relationship to girls divisions play. 

1.05                Releases are to be done electronically using the ALA release process. Fees to be paid in accordance with the GELC Club fee transfer policy. 

1.06                All releases shall be effective for one season only, players revert back to their home Association at the end of the playing season.                          

 1.07                If a player changes residence from one  Association to another Association, no release from the player’s former Member in the Association he or she formerly resided in is necessary and the                            player shall, unless released, play for a team in the Association in which he or she resides pursuant to Regulation 1.01 and 1.02.

1.08                 A player must be registered and fees paid in full within the ALA approved registration program with their resident Association in the year that they are requesting a release from the resident                         Association. A release will not be considered for any player not registered in their home association.

 1.1                 Registration Residency Requirements

 1.1.1               All players must, if requested, provide proof of residency as of April 1 of the current playing season. Acceptable proof is two pieces of the following documentation: parental or player’s                                  driver’s license with current address on it, utility or cable bills documenting residency.

 1.1.2               For all players within the GELC whose parents do not reside together, the following will apply in determining residency:

                         Residency will be determined by the parent who has custody of the player. Players must reside with at least one of their parents, or a legal guardian. Legal guardianship rules will apply.

                         If parents share custody, the residency will be determined by where the player habitually resides.

                         If there is no habitual residence, the GELC Box Committee will determine residency of the player based on documentation provided in 18.1 and the school in which the child is registered.

                         Once residency is established the player must register within the established Association.


1.1.3               If a parent or guardian knowingly registers a player outside of their resident Association that player shall be ineligible for a player transfer, and may only play on a team in the Association in                           which they reside. The parent may appeal this decision to the GELC Board of Directors.  If the Association in which they reside does not have a team at the player’s division, the parent in                               future years shall be requested to provide proof of residency prior to registering any child in lacrosse within the GELC.



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